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Together, we can improve the way you operate.

Lower fuel consuption

Driving style and average fuel consumption per driver, online fuel level monitoring, driving efficiency monitoring

Maintenance planning

Plan and schedule your vehicle maintenance on the rest days and optimise the days off road.

Optimal working hours

With online tacho data we can plan and optimise your working hours according to law and standards.

Reliable data saving

Do not worry about backing-up your important data. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Save on phone bills

Verbal or written communication is now done on our devices with even better functions as classic communication.

Increase safety

Optimising the routes, work-time and workflow results in better and safer driving.

Happy customers

All the provided information gives us the ability to predict the precise time of the vehicle arrival.

Theft free

We provide advanced GPS tracking devices for vehicles, trailers, containers, working machines and more.

We strive to improve logistics on all levels.


Tracking and tracing

Asset tracking management Online fuel monitoring Online temperature monitoring, Geofencing, Vehicle events, Driving efficiency with activity summary, Fuel consumption, Vehicle events

Worktime management

Realtime TACHO data with remote data download, Work-time efficiency with advanced reports, Driver activity per country, Work calculation, Alarms

Workflow management

Communication, Planning and sending the route to driver, Flexible transport order management, Transport orders, Realtime order status updates, Connection with 3rd party dispatcher software,

No matter the size, we can manage it.

1-5 fleet

5-20 fleet

20-50 fleet

50-100 fleet

100+ fleet

Endless option of optimization and efficiency.