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Boat surveillance

Tracknav provides a unique solution to your fleet and workflow management, tracking, tracing, fueling, communication, navigation, monitoring and more.  


Boat location

Remote air conditioner control

Bilge pump control and alarms

Engine RPM

Fuel level info

Boat functions.

  • Step by step order navigation 
  • Written/verbal communication with the office
  • Detailed DTCO information  
  • Recording of driver actions  
  • RFID driver identification

Office functions.

  • Utilization monitoring
  • Access to the system from mobile devices
  • Trailer / container management
  • User-created areas (arrival / departure)
  • Advanced vehicle tracking
  • Written/verbal communication
  • Live tacho data
  • Custom orders
  • Vehicle FMS information
  • Fuel consumption overview
  • Calculation of daily allowances / other expenses

How big is your fleet? we can manage it.

5+ fleet

50+ fleet

100+ fleet

500+ fleet

1000+ fleet

“We specialize in GPS tracking & tracing, worktime management and workflow management. These three “pillars” are designed to work in sync with each other. The system is suitable for vehicle fleets with up to several thousand units.”