Public utilities.

Tracknav provides a unique solution to your fleet and workflow management, tracking, tracing, fueling, communication, navigation, monitoring and more.  


Live location, tracking and vehicle monitoring

Recording and controlling of working time

Live fuel consumption overview

Live temperature overview with detailed data

Live tacho data with automatic remote data download

Vehicle functions.

  • Task list with multiple functions
  • Step step ordernavigation 
  • Written/verbal communication with the office
  • Detailed DTCO information  
  • Recording of driver actions  
  • RFID driver identification
  • Portable printing and scanning of documents
  • Professional truck navigation
  • Portable printing and scanning of documents

Office functions.

  • Workflow management
  • Access to the system from mobile devices
  • Trailer / container management
  • User-created areas (arrival / departure)
  • Advanced vehicle tracking
  • Written/verbal communication
  • Live tacho data
  • Custom orders
  • Vehicle FMS information
  • Routeplanning
  • Fuel consumption overview
  • Arrival/departure alarm
  • Event reminders for drivers and vehicles
  • Vehicle card with user definable info
  • Calculation of daily allowances / other expenses

How big is your fleet? we can manage it.

5+ fleet

50+ fleet

100+ fleet

500+ fleet

1000+ fleet

In addition to vehicle surveillance, the system also extends the business logic of the user to vehicles. Online transfer of orders and documents between the office and the driver in electronic form.