We believe your fleet management
can do even better.

Tracknav provides a unique solution to your fleet and workflow management, tracking, tracing, fueling, communication, navigation, monitoring and more.  


Tracking and tracing

Asset tracking / management, Online fuel monitoring, Online temperature monitoring, Geofencing, Vehicle events, Driving efficiency with activity summary, Fuel consumption, Vehicle events

Worktime management

Realtime TACHO data with remote data download, Work-time efficiency with advanced reports, Driver activity per country, Work calculation, Alarms

Workflow management

Communication, Planning and sending the route to driver, Flexible transport order management, Transport orders, Realtime order status updates, Connection with 3rd party dispatcher software,

Your solution to effective fleet management.

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our story

20 years of innovation

Since 2001, we are finding solutions to improve fleet management and refine the logistics process in the field. Over the years, we have developed, produced and installed over 10,000 devices.
System itself is designed to your specific needs and communicates with your current logistics systems - Tracknav wraps is it into one, smart and easy to use automatic system.
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