Tracking & tracing

One of the three main pillars of the Tracknav system focused on advanced monitoring of all your assets.


  • Track all types of assets
  • Location history
  • Geofencing
  • Start/stop report with status changes
  • Automatic trailer identification
  • Up to a week of battery autonomy
  • Highly customizable solutions
  • Live temperature overview
  • Opened/closed cargo door overview
  • Temperature control linked to transport order
  • Custom temperature alarms
  • Live fuel level monitoring
  • Fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Refueling planning
  • Configurable fuel statistics
  • Driving style and driving efficiency overview
  • Advanced drive style report
  • Easy and advanced route planning
  • Suggested alternate routes
  • Detailed route information (tolls, mileage, tunnels, …)
  • Simple sharing the created route
  • Suggested best fit driver based on remaining working time
  • High speed
  • High RPM
  • Frequent accelerator pedal use
  • Entering or leaving geofence zone
  • Urgent messages
  • Low fuel
  • Temperature
  • Trailer door

Discover the other 2 pillars of the Tracknav system


Less cases of asset theft and vandalism

Immediate notifications on refuelling

Optimize tire wear in your fleet

Improve driving style in your fleet

Excellent real time fleet position overview

Add new navigation points for drivers, mid tour

Optimal vehicle maintenance planning

Increased asset and cargo safety

Navteh was formed in 2007, but the system development already started in 1998 under the patronage of LX Navigation (est. 1975) and later LX Track (est. 2004), which shares the management with Navteh. As such, the experience is much more extensive than the company’s age would suggest.