Workflow management

One of the three main pillars of the Tracknav system, helping you to plan and manage your workflow. 


  • Create optimized  transport orders with ease
  • Create tours out of one or more transport orders
  • Online real-time status updates
  • Custom order view by your needs
  • Detailed navigation with load and unload location
  • Track and return the packaging
  • Easy and advanced route planning
  • Suggested alternate routes
  • Detailed route information (tolls, mileage, tunnels, …)
  • Simple sharing the created route
  • Suggested best fit driver based on remaining working time
  • Written or verbal communication
  • Step by step order instructions for the driver when needed
  • Real-time updates in the office
  • Portable printer and scanner option
  • Improve productivity and time efficiency

Discover the other 2 pillars of the Tracknav system


Optimal cargo area usage

Well-rested, efficient drivers

Stress free environment

Optimal and faster routes

Less burdened dispatchers

Better fleet control and overview

All communication in one place and one cost

Easy location sharing with clients

The System itself can be specifically adapted to your company needs and communicates with your current logistics systems - Tracknav wraps it into one, advanced and easy to use system.