Worktime management

One of the three main pillars of the Tracknav system, helping you to manage your worktime more effectively. 


  • Remote (automatic) tacho data download (.ddd files)
  • Detailed daily DTCO overview with graphical presentation
  • Advanced (hidden) DTCO data for driver
  • Remaining work hours with work/sleep prediction
  • Work/sleep hours are included in ETA calculations
  • Travel orders
  • Day/night driving
  • Driving time per country
  • Advanced drive time reports
  • Advanced tacho reports
  • Other special reports
  • Driver identification
  • Multiple locations log-in (vehicle, warehouse, office,…)
  • Smart calculation of travel expenses
  • Smart calculation of night/day working hours
  • Smart calculation of work hours per country

Discover the other 2 pillars of the Tracknav system


Improved time of arrival calculation

Increased safe driving and driving safety

Less accidents and mistakes

Improved reliability of your services

Happy and satisfied clients

Stress free environment

More efficient worktime

Optimized and faster routes

The whole system is built and developed in-house; we are best equipped to tackle any problem we are presented with. Our own, extensive knowhow can improve the way you operate.